The song, “Jump Out of My Skin,” was written around 2005 by my long- time friend, Terry James Clements. It stuck with me back then and has rattled around in my head off and on through the years. Recently, I was perusing through folders and files that had been stored on the hard drive of my studio computer. I was looking for duplications of music files and attempting to clean house, so to speak. While doing so, I ran across 2 other songs that had been written by my friend, in addition to re-visiting, “Jump Out of My Skin.” I decided I wanted to use all three songs to help finish out my most recent 12 song musical project. 
Thank you for taking the time to search this out. I will be releasing two more songs in the not so distant future, as the remainder of the “Record” is being completed. 
Stay tuned. I’m not finished. 

Doc Mason