Let's Go Get Cloned

Doc Mason

Original songs, self produced, maintaining an acoustic quality and vocal clarity that allows one to garner the substance of each and every composition.

We live and learn, and this, I truly believe, will be my last take on these songs which were conceived within a period from fall 1996 through spring 2004. Work and family time had led me to realize that the only way I would be able to document the songs that had come my way, would be to purchase the equipment, and do it on my own time. I did learn from my mistakes, and received my music production degree from the college of hard knocks. My knowledge regarding such music production, and my ears have evolved to this point, where I can proudly release this finished product. It was my first entirely self-engineered, self produced, and finally mixed by me, originally released in 2006. So it took me 12 years to finally get it “right.” That’s okay.

About the songs, with the exception of, "For The Shape I'm In," the first six tracks were written before September 11, 2001, while the remaining songs came to me after that date. If you choose to listen to this “Record” in it’s entirety, you may notice a change in the tone starting with “A Satisfied Man,” which was written around March 2003. I am a witness for the Muse, and like others before me, I know that the words come from a Source that sometimes speaks within the heart of man. I simply write those words down, and feel blessed. I have done the best that I can. That is all I can offer. Times change, but these songs will always speak to the Soul of anyone who takes the time to listen with an open mind. I know Truth is Timeless.

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