One Heart at a Time

Doc Mason

Acoustic Guitar and Bass Rhythm section with plenty of harmony vocals, and tasteful instrumental solos, with lyrics out front and worth hearing.

A dozen or so years ago, I purchased, and set up a studio at my home in order to record a number of songs that had happened upon me over the course of my adult life, starting at age 35. That evolved into recording many of the songs that I have enjoyed throughout my life, and ones written by friends, met and made along the way. The common thread being, each one had made an impact on my life, my person. At times, it has been a profound learning experience, that is, giving life to the music in order to share with others. I have been fortunate to be able to get to know, and work with some of this country’s most talented musicians. "One Heart At A Time" is a collection of songs including three of my original works, as well as a song written by my good friend, and long time brother in music, Terry Clements. I proudly feature him performing his original song, “There It Goes.” I join in, singing harmony vocals. The players play. In addition, songs written by Walter Hyatt and John Prine are also included, as are other recognizable tunes. This collection was originally released a year and a half or so ago, in 2017. A year ago, I decided I needted to remix my whole lot of recordings, to get it right, in order to reflect how I have progressed in my knowledge of music production. I’m hoping you might take the time to listen, start to finish. In the end, you just might find that you feel a little better for having done so. I know it did me good to make the music. Enjoy!

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