I See a Rainbow

Doc Mason

Acoustic Guitar and Fender Fretless Bass Rhythm Section with a handful of some of the finest, and most tasteful musicians I know weaving musical adornment around a wide ranged baritone lead vocal.

"I See A Rainbow," is collection of 13 songs, originally released in 2016. The title cut "I See A Rainbow," was written by me, and is about a dream I had back in 1977, which portended the conception of my second daughter. It was written in 2005, and was first played at my daughter’s wedding that year. The other original song on this collection is, “That Old Guitar.” It is as true a song as you will ever hear, and was written as I drove home in January, 2001 to visit my parents in Vernon, Texas, where I grew up. I had worked an all night shift, and the plan was for me to sleep while my wife, Debbie, drove. We hadn’t gone more than 10 miles when she was overcome with fatigue such that she couldn’t keep her eyes open. So I took over the driving duties as she fell into a deep sleep for about 3 hours. That is when it came to me and I wrote it as I drove. I played it for my folks when I arrived home. The remainder of the songs are a collection of tunes that I have long enjoyed, as well as selections that have come into my life more recently. I have taken time to learn to play, and have recorded many of the popular songs that I have personally enjoyed in my life. I play Rhythm Guitar on all the songs, and handle all Lead Vocals, as well as the Harmony Vocals. Since the original release, I have hooked back up with an old bandmate of mine from my early years of songwriting and recording between 1985-1994. He is a multi-instrumentalist and has added much to the originally released music. I have written and recorded songs that will total 10 full length records, to date, when all are finally re-released. I have self produced all of my recordings, allowing me full artistic control, all the while working full time as an ER Physician, and co-raised 5 children along the way. I have received my musical education via the college of hard knocks, and have honed my mixing skills to the point that I can say that this is the final mix. Finally, I can say this in all sincerity, if you like meaningful lyrics, sung along with clear solid acoustically grounded musical accompaniment, you may have just stumbled onto something that, if you give it a solid listen, will leave you feeling all the better for it. And, after all, I should know, I am Doc Mason, and making you feel better, and feed your soul, is what I have committed myself to do. One could say, it comes with the territory.

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