Well Worth the Trouble

by Doc Mason

Released 2016
Released 2016
"Well Worth The Trouble" is the second of four Acoustic recording projects I have put together, consisting of a mixture of my own original compositions as well as other relatively new songs admixed with well known, time-tested, classics.
Well Worth The Trouble is a collection of 14 songs, recorded over the past 4-5 years. I wrote 4 of the songs, including the title cut, which was written, in part in August of 2001, and the last verse written in November of that same year. It stands as my Anthem regarding the 9-11 events, and it is what my "Muse" had to say. The cover songs are tunes that I was drawn to record over those years. All have their own special meaning to me, most are known and loved by many. Some are lesser known songs composed by two very special writers; one I know well, and the other a brother that I never had the opportunity to meet. All the tracks were engineered and recorded by me. I played the rhythm Acoustic guitar on all tracks and the 6-string banjo on Sympathy For The Devil. I also whistle and sang all vocals. The tracks are complemented by excellent bass guitar accompaniment by my friend, and brother from another mother, Ben Beckendorf. The tracks are adorned with fabulous violin work by my friend Elana James. Additional lead guitar and Dobro work credited to Tj Smith. These folks are some of the most talented musicians I have been associated with. If you are looking for real, honest music with words worth taking to heart, I think you may have found yourself at the right place, at the right time. Enjoy!

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