Not a Day Goes By

by Doc Mason

Released 2018
Released 2018
Acoustic guitar based sound, original stylings, focused on performing songs with lyrics that beg to be listened to, over and again.
Like Leonard Cohen, as I recently discovered, I was late coming into the "music scene." I was a married father of 5 children when, at 35 years old, I became entangled in the mystery of songwriting. I wrote a number of songs from 1985 until the Spring of 1987, when the well dried up. I did some performing during that time, recorded two "records," but I eventually became absorbed in the raising of children, and my job as an ER physician, as years went by. The songwriting magic reappeared in August of 1996, when after a 9 year hiatus, I wrote a song entitled "Hold Me When It Rains," on a hot, dry August afternoon amid thunder, and a pittance of rain. More songs would come over ensuing years, until I realized I would need to invest in recording equipment in order to find the time to document my works. I bought a Mac G-4 in 2003, and to date, I have produced 8 full length recording projects since "Let's Go Get Cloned was first released in 2006. Six of those were completed after 2011. I have mastered some of the projects more than once, released and re-released as my proficiency has improved. I am currently in the midst of finalizing re-mixes all of my self produced records. I have come to a point where I am satisfied with what I have produced, and I am convinced that what I take in to finalize at the mastering facility is about as good as I can do, and as close as it needs to be. This 5-song EP is the latest of my recordings, except for my song, "Not a Day Goes By," which I wrote and recorded in 2005. After all those years, I finally gave it the attention it deserved. I proudly include it with some well recognized classics, and an additional original song written by my BFF. I could go on, and will later. For now, I hope you enjoy my latest offering. Please keep your eyes open, and your ears peeled back in anticipation of the re-release of what I have in store for you. It has been one of the passions of my life. I truly believe, if you listen, you will agree.

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