Child's Play

by Doc Mason

Released 2018
Released 2018
Acoustic guitar based renditions provide the framework for some of the finest musicians I have known to join in to introduce new compositions, and interpret classic & traditional songs designed to entertain the young, and the young at heart.
A number of years ago, I was encouraged by my grown children to record a collection of songs for my grandchildren to enjoy. It was to be a family affair, and I did get some help from a couple of my offspring, as well as my eldest granddaughter, who starts off Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by way of a recording made when she was 6 years old. We chose some songs, not so much in regards to age appropriateness, but thinking young minds would someday grow to appreciate all of the recordings. Young listeners were expected to fall asleep after Twinkle Twinkle. "Child's Play" was previously released as more of a guitar/bass/violin format. My recent reconnection with an old band-mate of mine inspired me to invite my friend and fellow musician to add his many talents to the original recordings. Child's Pay is all grown up now, and ready to be enjoyed by the young, the old, and everyone in-between. Who Knows? It may be just what the Doctor ordered. It has been a blast putting all the parts together for you to enjoy.

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